Bernie Sanders is Still Wrong for America

By Lee Enochs 

So, it’s official! Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is running for President again! Bernie Sanders, if you recall,  is the leftist politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Vermont who ran a vigorous but losing progressive primary challenge against eventual Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Sanders, age 77, officially announced that he is campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020, a very odd prospect, since Sanders has actually never been a member of the Democratic Party as he is an Independent Democratic Socialist politician who caucuses with the Democrats when he votes in the U.S. Senate.

However, irrespective of his questionable Socialist political affiliation and ultimate viability as a major Presidential candidate, Sanders has already proven he will a major player and formidable contestant, having raised over $3.3 million dollars in the first eight hours since he announced he is running for President again on Tuesday morning. 

This staggering sum is more than double Senator Kamala Harris of California raised in roughly the same time period.

While the almost octogenarian Sanders Is still popular with with his radically liberal and progressive base, he is still the same tired politician who badly lost the 2016 Democratic primary in South Carolina primary to Hillary Clinton by 46 points.

Bernie Sanders is still the same socialist candidate who supports the failed and repressive totalitarian regime in Venezuela and who advocates for sky-high tax rates, government run single payer health care, estate taxes, partial birth abortions, sanctuary cities, and the ridiculously unviable policy of “free college tuition” for all.

Yes, Bernie Sanders is still the same Socialist Presidential candidate he was before and that’s why he is still wrong for America.

Lee Enochs is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and studied political philosophy at Princeton University. Lee is also a conservative political pundit currently residing in Southern California.