positive thinking

The Science of Positive Thinking

by Patrick McKnight

The power of positive thinking is real. People tend to make better decisions when they aren't making decisions based in fear or anger. Science now understands that through neuroplasticity the brain has incredible power to rewire itself. A positive mindset helps attract other positive people, buy how do we get started in today's negative political climate? Here are three great tips.

1. Be Thankful

Studies show that being grateful for what we have makes us happier.

Gratitude floods our brains with dopamine, the only chemical with the ability to drown out the negative thoughts, anxiety and worry. Gratitude is subject to the law of attraction. When we make an effort to be grateful, we find that life surprises us with more things to be grateful for.

Many people find that keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to cultivate this mindset. Before you to go to sleep at night, make a list everything you have to be grateful for that day. As time passes and your brain rewires, you will notice your list becoming longer and longer.

Having a gratitude mindset uses the power of positive thinking to its highest degree. Take the time to count your blessings instead of the money in your bank account. It sounds like a cliche but the results are very real.

2. Be Kind

Along with gratitude, studies have shown kindness can make us happier and lower our stress.

Studies also indicate that kindness is contagious. When someone is kind to you, you will be inspired to pay that kindness forward. The person who receives your kindness will feel the same way. Kindness also makes us more predisposed to feel grateful. If you feel yourself struggling with positive thinking, do a good deed for someone. You may be surprised to immediately feel better.

3. Reduce Stress

Sometimes it seems like everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax.

When we work too hard we actually become less healthy. When we sleep too little we become exhausted. When we don't make time for your family or friends, we feel lonelier. Making the effort to relax can be as easy as taking a few deep breaths and repeating steps and reviewing your list of things to feel gratitude for.

When stress exits our bodies our cells can actually regenerate more efficiently. Chilling out can literally help heal you.

What do you have to feel grateful for? How do you like to relax? Post your comments below and join the conversation.