Poll: Young Voters Leaning Libertarian in New Jersey

A shocking new poll shows Libertarian Murray Sabrin in first place with 18-29 year olds at 32%. Sabrin is in a statistical tie for second place with 30-49s at nearly 20%.

The scientific poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, shows that 16% of voters in New Jersey who know of Murray Sabrin will vote for him. The results of the poll showed that once voters were informed of Sabrin's positions, he quickly rose to be within striking distance of incumbent, scandal-ridden Democrat Bob Menendez and Republican challenger Bob Hugin. 

The poll asked voters about the current candidates for Senate in New Jersey and included questions about specific issues as well as run-offs between the candidates.

The poll shows that once voters learn of Sabrin's positions they quickly abandon Menendez. It indicates that after learning about Sabrin, just 31% of voters support Menendez, 30% support Hugin, and a shocking 16% support Libertarian Murray Sabrin, including a first place showing with 18-29s at 32% and a statistical tie for second place with 30-49s at nearly 20%. When voters know that Sabrin is a college professor, support rises to 18% overall and 40% among young Millennials. Sabrin has no gender gap and his strongest support comes from Asians (21%) and Hispanics (16%). The poll shows reveals awareness of Sabrin is only 26%, showing great room for growth in his support as more New Jerseyans get to know him.