Howard Dean Says Young Democrats are Libertarians

By Patrick McKnight

The former head of the DNC, presidential candidate, and Governor of Vermont made headlines recently when he said:

"These young kids are very liberal on social issues, they are libertarians economically at heart."

On a certain level this would make sense, considering young people are inheriting $21 trillion in debt from the federal government. However it flies in the face of the media portrayal of all young people as card-carrying socialists.

"If look at the results in Virginia, which were just shocking, Ralph Northam, who by anybody's description is a moderate centrist, got 69 percent of the under-30 vote," Dean said of the gubernatorial race there last year. 

Looking forward to the 2018 mid-term elections Dean says, "I think most of the people who will win the new seats are probably under 40. Some will be under 35."